Mike Coon 

Mike Coon, Guitarist And Vocalist

Since attending Berklee College of Music, Mike has had a diverse career to say the least! 

He has accompanied singers such as Vic Damone, Robert Goulet, and Peggy Lee. He has played and or sung on major national commercials such as Ralph Lauren (with Carly Simon), RCA, Charmin, Cadillac, and American Express. 

As a composer, he wrote the music for “Media Messiah”, an off B’way play written by Ariel Lucas, and co-wrote the title track to the Roy Ayers album “You Might Be Surprised”. 

Mike excels at playing and singing many genres of music but is happiest when he gets back to his jazz roots. As a jazz artist, he is a proud member of The Dennis Joseph Quartet and The Ryan Kelly Quartet.