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Jane Irving

A natural progression... Born in Sydney, Australia, Jane Irving has spent most of her life surrounded by music. From the age of six, she began classical piano tuition which continued through the end of school when she gained the place of third in the state for piano performance major. Discovering jazz in her late teens by way of attending local jazz camps mentored by Australia’s finest musicians was the door that further opened up to a new musical world for her. After leaving school, Janes first job was as pianist/vocalist in a Sydney bar. Solo dates continued but when Irving was offered a gig by a local guitar player singing jazz standards, things changed again. "With a band and just a microphone on stage for me, no piano to hide behind, I felt so free. That’s when I became really interested in singing.” Jane then began to pursue a career as a jazz singer and started to sing at venues and festivals in and around the Sydney area. Jane spent the next 20 years singing and teaching in Australia and in 2011, moved to New York with bassist, husband, Kevin Hailey. She plays regularly at The 55 Bar in Greenwich Village, and has been featured at rooms such as NYC's Jazz at the Kitano and The Zinc Bar.